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How To Attract Customers In The Banking Industry? Promotional Gifts

Author: Rachel
Date: April 30, 2024

The banking sector is seriously competitive, with lots of organisations competing for attention for customers that are increasingly willing to switch banks to secure a better deal. 

It used to be that individuals would stick with the same bank for life, simply because the complexities of switching would not make it worthwhile. However, with modern technology making light work of the switching process, banks have an opportunity to convince their rival’s customers to make the leap.

Traditional banking is typically seen as a cold sector that doesn’t offer much in the way of personality, but many new banks are changing. And the major banks are working hard to update their image.

Using promotional items to capture attention and convert customers is not a new concept, but it is one that is often under-utilised in the banking sector. In this guide, we’re looking at how banks can use promotional items to help attract more customers and say thank you to their existing customers.

Why are promotional items effective?

Why are promotional items effective?

Everyone loves a freebie. It’s as simple as that. Getting something for free will always feel rewarding, particularly if it’s something that you can use time and time again. And if it is something that you’re happy to use, then the company giving it to you can enjoy some free advertising as a result.

The key to a successful promotional item lies in creating something desirable, useful and with a large area for branding. When you can achieve all three, your customers will do the hard work of promoting your brand for free. Learn more about why promotional products work to help you choose the right ones for your business on our blog.

What are the best promotional items for banks?

When choosing the right items for your brand, you need to think about existing perceptions. No one thinks of their bank as being cheap or low-budget, so your promotional items need to match perceptions. Here are a few examples of promotional items that you can guarantee current and prospective customers will be happy to use:

Coffee cups

Coffee cups

Travel coffee cups are growing in popularity as people turn away from single-use items and start to look for ways to become more eco-friendly. A branded coffee cup will often be taken out and about, making appearances at the office and during social events. This is an opportunity to increase brand awareness and get people talking about the unique benefits that you offer.

Water bottles

Like coffee mugs, reusable water bottles are also growing in popularity. These are high-value items that people will use for a long time, which offers the potential to enjoy some free advertising in a wide range of places.


Let’s face it, the UK is no stranger to a downpour, so a branded umbrella will always be worth the investment. One of the perks of printed umbrellas is that they have an extensive area for branding, and they can be created in your brand colours to help increase brand recognition.

Promotional stickers


People love to cover their items in stickers, whether it’s their laptop or their car. When it comes to successful branded stickers, the design needs to be fun and engaging. A funny quote that expresses the individual’s personality would be most effective. Logos and branding should be minimal and focus on the brand colours to ensure that customers actually want to use the sticker.

Piggy banks

A branded piggy bank is a highly effective way to reach your target customer. There is something kitsch about a piggy bank that will resonate with a lot of customers and tap into their sense of nostalgia. Make these limited edition items so they quickly become highly coveted.

What to avoid when creating promotional items for your bank brand

What to avoid when creating promotional items for your bank brand

Creating free giveaway items feels like it would be an easy slam dunk for any brand, but there is also the risk that you could create something that just doesn’t resonate with your audience. If you go too-heavy on the self-promotion front, there is the risk that you create something that feels too corporate and individuals won’t want to use it.

To counter this, you should be cautious with the balance of branding to blank space. Rather than a large-scale logo, consider a funny slogan that will resonate with your ideal target customers. You can also use your brand colours to do the heavy lifting for brand recognition.

Another mistake would be branding your items for a particular event rather than for your brand in general. If the item is linked to an event, it will have a short shelf-life, which means you could end up with unused stock that needs to be scrapped. This isn’t the best look for your brand from an eco-friendly perspective. Instead, keep your designs evergreen and timeless to ensure you can use the promotional items at different events.

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