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The Benefits Of Going Green For Businesses

Author: Rachel
Date: May 17, 2024

The concept of “going green” has likely been on your radar for a while. For a long time, it was a buzz phrase and marketing gimmick that allowed companies to cash in on an increased interest in sustainability, recycling and minimising waste.

The days of words without action are now very much behind us, and more business owners are waking up to the idea that running a green business might actually be more profitable, rewarding, and empowering.

In this article, we are exploring what we mean when we say we’re “going green” and how these simple changes might actually improve your business. 

What does it mean to “go green”?

Going green can make something different for every business. It often starts with a sustainability review to see which areas your business is having the biggest impact on the environment. Do you print items that could easily be emailed? Do your executives fly to destinations when they could take the train? And is your current energy supplier committed to renewable energy?

By opting to go green, this means that you are looking for ways to reduce the impact of your business. This typically means reviewing your energy suppliers, looking for ways to reduce waste, investing in carbon offsetting, or thinking about your digital impact.

Here are just some of the benefits your business could enjoy as a result of going green…

Reduce your overheads

Reduce your overheads

Cost cutting is one of the biggest perks of going green in your business. Less consumption means less costs, and this can only be a good thing for business owners. By switching energy suppliers to one that uses renewable energy, your account will be protected against price rises linked to fossil fuel prices.

Switching to electric vehicles will also free you from the cost of filling up, which is a variable business expense. You can also take steps to cut costs in your business in the interest of being green. 

Removing printers and going digital is a simple way to do this. One estimate found that companies typically spend as much as 5% of revenue on printing costs. If you’re also shredding a lot of paper, you know that something is amiss.

Eliminate waste

When companies start to look for ways they can go green, eliminating waste is often the first place they start. By its nature, waste in your company adds up to lost revenue. Examples of waste could include over-ordering food for a company meeting that is then thrown away. It could also include over-ordering promotional items for an event which cannot be repurposed for a future event. In this case, you would have no choice but to throw them away or attempt to recycle the materials.

By identifying ways to remove waste from your company, you can save money and improve your green credentials. It’s easy to fall into bad habits because that’s just the way things have always been done, but there are often ways you can cut costs and make improvements to your business by being more eco-minded. 

Improve public image

Improve public image

Companies that make significant changes to their business to prioritise green policy earn some bragging rights. This can help to improve your public image and improve the general sentiment around your business.

In order to make the most of the bragging rights, it’s important that you are transparent about your efforts and how you are making a difference. If you are caught in a lie, your efforts to go green could backfire and your brand could be associated with greenwashing. This is when companies attempt to hype up their green credentials without having the actions to back it up.

Attract employees

Some employees will look for evidence of social responsibility and eco credentials when looking for a new role. This could make employees more engaged to come to work for you and can help improve staff morale for those who already work for you. Everyone wants to feel proud of the company they work for, and highlighting your excellent track record of green policy is an excellent way to achieve this.

You can appoint a sustainability officer within your organisation to help connect with employees and share insight about your initiatives. Your employees can also give feedback to the sustainability officer to help identify new ways you can reduce your impact as a company. For example, your employees might value more investment in cycling infrastructure in your offices so they can comfortably cycle to work every day. 

Future-proof your business

Future-proof your business

There will come a time when non-sustainable practices are no longer an option. A great example of this would be with diesel vehicles. While you might be able to buy a used diesel vehicle for your company now, this won’t be the case forever. Rather than waiting until these options are taken away, you could stay one step ahead of the policy and future-proof your business now.

Final thoughts on benefits going green for businesses

As you can see, there are many benefits to taking a more green approach to running your business. And not all of them are about saving money. Your reputation is something that you cannot buy back once it is gone, and reports of poor sustainability practices can follow a company around for a long time. Once the public has an impression of your business as being wasteful or not eco-friendly, you’ll have a hard time shaking this image.

The first step to improving your sustainability is often to appoint something within the organisation to identify areas where there is room for improvement. You can then create a roadmap and action plan of goals. If you want to ensure greater accountability, share this action plan on your website and include deadlines for achieving your goals.

If you need support ensuring your promotional materials are in-line with your eco goals, we can help. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about sustainability in the promotional product sector and how we can help you to go green without sacrificing quality.

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