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Automotive Marketing: 6 Strategies to Drive More Sales

Author: Rachel
Date: April 19, 2024

With the cost of living on the rise, households are more cautious than ever before when it comes to making large purchases. This could spell bad news for car sellers, but it can also be moulded into a positive.

Cautious buyers are more receptive to marketing efforts as they are looking for guidance on how to make a smart choice. If you can earn their trust by being an expert on the topic, you can be their first point of contact when the time comes to purchase a vehicle.

In this guide, we’re looking at ways automotive companies can capture and engage more prospective buyers using tried and tested sales strategies, starting with…

Get contact details early

Get contact details early

From the first point of contact, you should aim to capture their contact details so that you can easily follow up. Most people aren’t willing to hand over their contact details unless there is something in it for them. 

This is where promotional products come in handy. As prospective buyers browse cars on your forecourt, you can offer them a freebie in exchange for signing up to your mailing list. This will allow you to drip-feed them sales content that will nurture their interest in buying a car from you.

If they’re visiting multiple car dealerships, yours will be at the front of their mind as they’ll have a branded freebie and a follow up email in their inbox.

Educate the buyer

Educate the buyer

When it comes to buying a car, the decision is often part practical and part emotional. To nurture the practical side you need to offer educational content on your website that will help prospective buyers select the right car for their needs.

Building an educational hub on your website will allow you to direct interested customers to the right guides for their needs.

Identify their pain points

Every customer will have different pain points they need to get past to help them to make a decision. If price is the issue, you could offer discounts or financing. If they’re concerned about safety features, you need to educate them on the right choice for their needs.

This step requires getting to know your customers and learning more about what is holding them back. Think about how your website navigation could be utilised in a creative way to identify what is holding customers back. 

Build trust with reviews

Build trust with reviews

There’s no shortage of car sellers out there, and car marketplaces make it easier to connect buyers with private sellers. So, why should anyone trust you over a direct sale? This is where strong branding and social proof will go a long way to helping convince customers you are best positioned to help them.

Asking past customers for online reviews can be daunting, but it can also be transformative for your business. Keep an eye on your online reputation so you can spot and respond to any less than glowing reviews in good time. This is the best way to ensure any negative reviews don’t harm your business.

Use videos in your marketing

Use videos in your marketing

Car dealerships are commonly in out-of-town locations that can only be reached with a car – not great for someone shopping for a first car or replacement car. Make your marketing more engaging by using high quality video in your car listings. Photos are helpful, but videos can give a better impression of space and scale.

Video content is incredibly versatile and may be used across social media, your website and in email marketing messages to help communicate the benefits of particular models with ease. Video content also allows you to tap into the emotional aspect of buying a car. Video allows you to tap into what it feels like to drive a particular car.

Don’t be afraid to talk money

Budget is often going to be the deciding factor for many buyers, so don’t shy away from the topic. Include financing information front and centre on your product pages and make sure this is evident throughout your dealership.

Financing calculators help individuals to see what is affordable, and this can help them to focus their attention on the cars within their budget. This should help to streamline the sales journey and ensure you are giving them valuable information that will help to inform the sale.

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