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Seed ball bags are our innovative promotional merchandise choice that guarantees to make an impact, each bag contains 50-70 seed balls. This product not only captivates interest due to its uniqueness but it also creates a lasting, positive brand image. It’s designed for businesses looking to plant a seed of sustainability and growth in the minds of their clients and employees.

Contents: 50-70 seed balls per 125g bag, ready to sprout into a vibrant array of wildflowers, symbolising your brand’s commitment to growth and sustainability.

Size: Bag: 120mm x 150mm; Tag: 85mm x 55mm.

Material: Produced from a blend of cotton, polyester, and linen, the bag is robust, eco-friendly, and reusable, perfect for future gardening activities or personal use.

Swing Tag: A 400gsm silk card stock swing tag offers a prime space for your brand’s logo and message, printed in vibrant full colour to both sides. Affixed with an rPET tag, made from at least 90% recycled material.

Seeds: Selected for their high germination rate and contribution to biodiversity, these wildflower seeds promise not just to bloom but to bring life to any space.

Overview: The Seed Balls in a Bag embodies uniqueness, engagement, and sustainability, creating a promotional experience that’s truly memorable. With a straightforward sprinkle, water, and grow method, these seed balls make supporting biodiversity effortless and enjoyable. Their novel concept ensures your brand captures attention and remains in the minds of recipients long after the flowers have bloomed. Choosing this green promotional option reflects positively on your brand, underscoring a commitment to innovative and sustainable initiatives.

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