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Our seed bombs are filled with wildflowers that we grow and harvest on site. Packaged in a FSC® certified matchbox from a local supplier, each seed bomb contains just wildflower seeds and clay and can be used for up to a year when stored in a cool, dry place.

No garden? No problem!
Our seed balls come packed with native British wildflowers like Poppy, Cornflower, and Red Campion, making them ideal for both pots and garden beds. So, whether you live in a flat, a house, or you’re planning a move to Mars, you’re good to go. No green thumb required, simply plant, water and grow.

Branded for your business
A 75x80mm recyclable label, showcasing your brand or message, is printed digitally in full colour. This wraps around 3 faces of the matchbox, making every seed bomb a lasting reflection of your commitment to quality, sustainability and the environment.

Matchbox Measurements: 85 X 55 X 22mm
Branding Area: 75 x 80mm

Due to the natural materials in our seed bombs, dust may settle on the label in transit. It’s simple to remove with a quick brush or blow.

What is a Seed Bomb and How Do I Use It?

A seed bomb is an eco-friendly blend of clay, and seeds, moulded into a variety of imaginative shapes like bees, vans, houses, and more. Whether you’re looking to green a garden or add life to a pot or planter, using a seed bomb is easy. Simply place it where you’d like plants to grow—no digging or other preparation is needed. The next time it rains, or you water your planter, the seed bomb will dissolve naturally, giving way for the seeds to sprout.

How Long Can These Seed Bombs Be Stored?
Our seed bombs are designed for a shelf life of at least a year when stored in a cool, dry place, though many find they last even longer.


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