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Promotional Ideas for Pet Care Industry

Author: Rachel
Date: May 10, 2024

We’re a nation of pet lovers, so it makes sense that the pet care industry was valued at £7.2 billion in 2022. It was also showing no signs of slowing down. If you’re launching a pet care business in 2024 and beyond, you’re going to want to think about ways you can promote your business.

Promotional giveaways are a great way to increase brand awareness while engaging with your ideal target customers. If you’re struggling for ideas for promotional giveaway items that will resonate with pet owners, try the following suggestions: 

Items for pets

The first category is items that can be used for pets. Promotional items for pets are a great idea as only those who can benefit from your business will bother to take them. With general promotional items, you run the risk that everyone will try to claim the items. The following promotional items will capture the attention of pet owners and encourage them to find out more about your company.

Frisbees and balls

Frisbees and balls

A branded frisbee or tennis ball is a great choice for a pet company if you want to guarantee your promotional giveaway item will get used. Dogs love to chase frisbees and tennis balls, and they might even take their toys to the dog park where the other dog owners are spending their time. This makes it an excellent choice for increasing brand awareness within your ideal target customer base.


A branded bandana is a great marketing tool as dogs can wear them when they are out on walks and they are around other pet owners. The dogs will essentially become walking billboards for your company. You can also highlight the versatility of a bandana. For example, in the summer, the owner can soak the bandana in water to help keep their pooch nice and cool.

Travel pet bowls

Travel pet bowls

Travel pet bowls are silicone pet bowls that can fold flat, so they can be packed away easily while travelling. This is an incredibly useful giveaway item that you can guarantee pet owners will find a use for. It’s not always easy to give pets fresh water when out and about so these travel pet bowls will come in handy. Many pet owners will attach these to their backpacks on longer trips, so you can be sure your branding will be prominent. 

Items for humans

The next category of giveaway items to consider is those for the pet owners. Pet owners love to shout about their pets and let people know they are animal lovers, so they will proudly use promotional items that are in favour of pets – provided they are genuinely useful. Here are some of the best promotional items you could giveaway to pet owners.

Reusable water bottles

Water bottles

Reusable water bottles are incredibly popular with everyone, not just pet owners. The key to making your promotional water bottle a coveted item among pet owners is to include a quirky phrase or tagline that will allow them to share their love for animals. Recipients will take their water bottle everything, including the office, the gym and out and about when they are socialising. 

Coffee cups

Reusable coffee cups are growing in popularity as people feel more and more single-use cup guilt. Rather than relying on the cups being biodegradable or recyclable, individuals are choosing to take their own cup into coffee shops. This is more reliable and often results in a better cup of coffee. Place your pet company branding on a reusable coffee cup and you can guarantee your logo and name will be seen out and about, in the park and at the office.


The trick with giveaway socks is to make sure they are impressive enough that the wear wants them to be seen. Allow them to announce their love of pets for the whole world to see, and guarantee that they think of your company every time they put on their socks. A fresh pair of socks will be universally welcomed, so you can guarantee individuals will be more likely to sign up for email marketing messages if you’re giving something as cool as a pair of socks. You can also encourage wearers to snap a picture of their socks for social media. 

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