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Advice On Promotional Products For Small Businesses

Author: Rachel
Date: April 12, 2024

The decision to invest in promotional products as a small business can be incredibly daunting. First, there is the cost involved. And second, there is the fear that you won’t be able to track the ROI of obscure metrics like “brand awareness”. Yet there is an argument that says you can’t afford to not invest in promotional products for your small business.

In this guide, we’re looking at the role of promotional products in the small business marketing plan and how you can make them work for your company.

How can promotional products help small businesses?

Promotional products can help to start conversations with your ideal target customers. They’re perfect giveaways to capture attention of early adopters and turn them into lifelong brand advocates. They can be used to spark influencer relationships in your sector. And finally, they also help to establish your small company as one to watch – after all, only a successful small business would be investing in things like freebies and giveaways. 

What should small businesses consider when choosing promotional items?

What should small businesses consider when choosing promotional items?

You need to think carefully about why you are creating promotional items and what you hope to achieve. Often, you will have a specific event in mind that would benefit having items to give away. Here are some of the top considerations when creating small businesses freebies:

The smallest order number doesn’t always make sense

It’s often tempting to choose the smallest possible order amount, but this will make each item more expensive and could also leave you with decision paralysis about what to do with the items. When each item holds more individual value, you might struggle to decide how best to use them. But if you have more items and they have less individual value, you will be more willing to take risks and make decisions about how to distribute the freebies.

Capitalise on your brand colours

Capitalise on your brand colours

Colour is a powerful branding tool, so don’t forget to include this in your designs. By choosing promotional items that are in your brand colours, half of the work in brand recognition is done for you. Then you can focus on the design to make sure it’s something that captures the attention of your ideal target audience.

Keep the designs evergreen

When working with your designer, try to avoid linking the designs to a specific event or time. By choosing evergreen designs, you can take leftover stock to your next event without worrying about it being out of date or irrelevant. This is often what helps small businesses to get over the fear of ordering large volumes of stock, as it means they’ll always be ready to run a promotion. 

Focus on useful products

Focus on useful products

The ideal promotional product is one that the person will use every single day out in the world. 

  • This includes things like water bottles, travel coffee mugs and umbrellas. 
  • For low-cost options, choose items like pens, sticky notes and lanyards
  • Clothing can be difficult because of the issue with sizing, but it can be useful if you simplify it to 1-2 sizes. 
  • Another highly effective marketing product is stickers. These are lightweight, versatile and enduringly popular. They can then be used to customise a wide range of items such as laptops, water bottles and even cars. 

Final thoughts on small business promo products

Take your time to land on the ideal product that suits your brand and will enable you to connect with your ideal target audience. With the right design and colours that are on-brand, you can increase brand awareness within your sector and connect with influences, customers and prospects with ease.  

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