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Guide To Travel and Tourism Industry Promotional Gifts

Author: Rachel
Date: April 23, 2024

Travellers are more savvy than ever before, so trying to get them to sign up to travel with your brand instead of a rival brand will always be a challenge. Many brands turn to promotional items and giveaways to help capture attention and sweeten the deal.

Travellers have a lot of choice, including the option to go solo and manage their plans by themselves. This means that travel companies need to work harder to capture attention and encourage travellers to choose them. It might seem like a trivial step, but promotional gifts can actually have a significant impact on decision making.

Travellers are often motivated by price and customer experience. So once you have their attention on price, all you need to do is seal the deal with a freebie at the right time. In this guide, we’re looking at the role of promotional giveaways in the travel sector and why they work. We’ll also offer some suggestions for the best travel-themed freebies you could consider.

Why use promotional items to promote your travel brand?

Why use promotional items to promote your travel brand?

Promotional items help to increase brand awareness by turning your ideal target customers into walking advertising displays. If they are happy to use the item, they are also more likely to be happy talking about your brand when asked. These people become brand advocates who are more than willing to talk about the benefits of your offering.

If you’re trying to capture attention in a crowded space such as a travel fair, you might also be more successful if you have the best promotional items available. People love to get something valuable for free, so you could have people flocking to your stand to find out more about what you offer.

Why are freebies effective?

In short, everyone loves a freebie. They are universally popular and people will be more likely to listen to your sales pitch or consider your company if there’s something in it for them – such as a free item.

Freebies offer the possibility to launch a brand new company and quickly increase brand recognition. Individuals will go from being unaware of your brand to feeling like they have seen it everywhere.

It’s also ideal for convincing interested individuals to sign up to a mailing list. While they might be reluctant to make a sale on the spot, they might be tempted to sign up to your mailing list if they get something in return. Once they are on the list, you can then start the process of selling the benefits of your company over your competitors.

Which freebies work best for the travel industry?

Which freebies work best for the travel industry?

When choosing the right freebies for your audience, you need to consider their preferences and the type of travellers they are. Do they like luxury and unique experiences? Or are they eco-conscious and cost-conscious?

Once you’ve narrowed down who you are trying to reach, you can then choose the freebie items that will best appeal to them. You might also adjust the branding to meet expectations of different audiences. Here are some of the most popular items to consider:

Reusable water bottles

Everyone will find use for a reusable water bottle. And if you happen to create your customer’s favourite water bottle, you can expect them to carry it with them everywhere they go. People love to show their allegiance to different brands as a method of showcasing their personality, so aligning with a travel brand will be a popular choice for many people.

Travel coffee cups

Travel coffee cups

As the world turns its back on single-use items, things like reusable coffee cups become more in demand. Many people will look for branded coffee mugs as it’s more fun and engaging than a plain one. Like the water bottle, it allows individuals to showcase their preferences by showing others the type of brands they are aligned with.


You can’t go wrong with the classics. Pens are highly cost-effective and will always be in demand, particularly with those who are always on the go. Something as simple as a pen could be a strong incentive to sign up for a travel-themed mailing list. And once you have their contact details, the true marketing campaign can begin.


Fun and quirky stickers allow individuals to showcase which brands they prefer and decorate any items they might take with them while travelling. Marking your items with stickers can make them less of a target for thieves, so it’s a common tactic used by seasoned travellers. Stickers can also be placed on cars, laptops and suitcases.

Beach towels

Beach towels

A branded beach towel is the ideal choice for a luxury travel brand. It takes some of the thought out of packing for your next holiday and allows you to showcase your travelling style while you are out and about in the world. For budget travellers, consider lightweight microfibre towels, as these will take up less luggage allowance.

Travel bags

Small backpacks, bum bags and make up bags will always be a popular choice with travellers. Even a tote bag that slips inside a larger bag will be popular and a coveted item – particularly if the branding is on point.


While a large golf umbrella might not be the ideal choice, a small umbrella that packs down small could be very popular for backpacking and short city breaks. You’ll enjoy an extra-large branding area and a walking billboard in whatever destination your customer is exploring. Umbrellas are often lost or left behind, so this is one promotional freebie that could help to introduce new people to your brand simply by handing it to a forgetful customer.

Final thoughts on promotional travel gifts

Final thoughts on promotional travel gifts

Remember to keep your designs evergreen and avoid cashing in on trending phrases or memes that could quickly become out of date. Instead, choose a timeless design that is an accurate reflection of your brand and your ideal target audience. 

And always keep in mind that brand awareness is not always easy to track in terms of things like ROI, so try to adjust your expectations rather than attempting to place a monetary value on this exchange. 

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