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Learn Why You Should Allocate Marketing Spend To Promotional Drinkware

Author: Rachel
Date: May 3, 2024

When it comes to marketing budget, it’s tempting to only want to spend money on things that can be easily measured, tracked and quantified. This is precisely why it can be difficult to spend budget on things like promotional items.

Promotional items that are meant to be given away are often difficult to track in terms of ROI. While the benefits are obvious, it’s hard to measure the value of your brand awareness. Unless you have customers coming to you and saying, “I heard about you from a mug.”

The benefits of promotional drinkware are far greater than you can measure with ROI. Not to mention, promotional drinkware is designed to last a while, so you could be enjoying free advertising for years to come if you can get your drinkware into the right hands.

In this guide, we’re exploring the role of promotional drinkware and how you can make the most of this branding opportunity. 

What is promotional drinkware?

What is promotional drinkware?

Promotional drinkware could include things like pint glasses, shot glasses, schooners, mugs, travel mugs and reusable water bottles. It’s a diverse range of promotional items that could be put to use in a range of situations. You don’t have to be promoting a brewery or spirit brand – but if you are, this could be just the promotional item you need.

Promotional drinkware is often ordered in bulk, particularly if it will be used in a setting like a bar or restaurant. If you happen to land on a popular design, you can expect individuals will attempt to steal them.

You might also offer them as giveaways at events. It’s not uncommon for drinkware to be offered at trade exhibitions and conferences as a freebie in exchange for contact details. These are high value items that attendees will want to get their hands on.

How can this benefit your company?

How can this benefit your company?

You might be wondering how creating something that people want to steal can possibly benefit your business. You can enjoy a boost in brand recognition by simply designing highly coveted glassware or drinkware. People will commonly share this on social media, which is free advertising every time they do it.

If you offer drinkware as a giveaway, you also stand a chance that the individual will take their item out into the world with them. A great example of this would be a high quality reusable water bottle or a travel coffee mug. If individuals choose to use your drinkware out in the world, you know they are happy to align with your brand. And this all adds up to a positive brand experience.

You can also see a boost in your marketing efforts if you require the individual to take action before they get a freebie. While you might struggle to take a sale on the spot, if you can convince someone to sign up to your mailing list, you’ll have a chance to pitch to them from multiple angles. You’ll also learn more about their preferences based on what content they interact with. This alone can be highly valuable insight, and all for the price of a promotional mug.

They’re also great for branding your workplace. Branded items in the office help to reinforce your brand image and create a positive workspace for your employees. There’s something reassuring about working for a company that can afford its own branded mugs. It’s also a good indicator to visitors and prospective customers that business is thriving.

Freebies or office use?

Freebies or office use?

You don’t have to choose between using them in-house and giving them away. It’s common to offer both. You can easily create them in opposite, contrasting colours so there is a distinction between those that are for your staff and those that are freebies.

Promotional drinkware is more valuable than something traditionally offered for free like a pen or a keychain. This is why it is vital to ensure you have a strategy behind your giveaways to ensure you are getting maximum value from the exchange.

People will appreciate the value of the item (and it will feel more exclusive) if they have to interact in some way or there is a transaction involved. This could be as simple as filling in a survey or signing up for a mailing list. 

Final thoughts on promotional drinkware

While it might not be right for every company, most organisations can benefit from their own custom drinkware. Whether you choose to use this in your office alone or offer the items as promotional giveaways at your next conference or trade show, you can guarantee that custom printed drinkware will be popular. 

In fact, the biggest problem you might face if the mugs in your office have a popular design is that everyone will always be trying to steal them. And that’s when you know you have a winning design!

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